Notifying an incident

It is important that you notify BMC and Howden of all accidents and incidents that could give rise to a claim.

If the incident has involved an injury to someone or damage to their property, you should also notify insurers. Please complete an Incident Notification Form and return it to Howden.

If you need to make a claim for personal injury to yourself, please check that your injury is noted in the list of benefits. If it is, please complete the personal accident claim form  and return it to Howden with the appropriate additional documentation.

If you wish to make a Personal Injury claim for an injury you have suffered as a BMC member, please complete and return the Personal accident claim form. to Howden Group, Tricorn House, 51-53 Hagley Road, birmingham B16 8TP

If you have a query regarding an incident or claim please contact your broker at Howden.

Notification of Safeguarding Incidents

Incidents concerning allegations of abuse should be reported to BMC immediately, in order that details can be notified to insurers. 

Advice regarding the types of incidents that should be reported, and what information should be provided, can be found in the Abuse: Protocol for the Notification of Circumstances guidance produced by Howden. 

If you have any queries about what to notify please contact Howden