Members Combined Liability and Personal Accident Cover

Combined Liability Protection

As a member of the BMC, either via a club or individually, you are provided with combined liability insurance protection for your mountaineering activities. 

This includes mountaineering, climbing, scrambling, bouldering, hill walking, ski mountaineering and ski touring, canyoning, coasteering, fell and mountain running and representation on any management committee or acting as a trustee with respect to the operation of a mountaineering hut.

You are also covered for secondary activites, such as canoeing, kayaking, cycling and mountain biking if you participate in them as part of a club arranged activity. 

Providing Advice

One important aspect of the being in a club is that the qualified or more experienced members of the club will pass on their wisdom to other, less experienced, members. Such members are covered under the insurance for the provision of advice such as this, as long as they are doing so in a voluntary capacity and receiving no payment. 

Personal Accident Cover for Individual Members

This provides a “no-fault” compensation for Individual members of BMC between the ages of 3 and 80 who are injured whilst participating in a BMC activity (as defined in Combined Liability section) anywhere in the world (includes direct travel to and from the activity within the UK only).

Cover is provided for up to £10,000 in respect of permament disability or loss of a limb/sight/hearing.

BMC Travel Insurance 


Life Insurance for Climbers and Mountaineers