Cover is provided to you as a BMC instructor when you are working as volunteers if:

  • You are logging hours during the consolidation period between training and accreditation of a Mountain Training qualification, or
  • You are working within a BMC affiliated club of which you are a member, or
  • You are working in any other capacity, provided you are receiving no payment at all, including payment in kind, other than reasonable expenses.

If you are a member of one of the groups listed below you will not be covered under BMC's individual policy for paid instruction; click on the appropriate link below, or use the contact details provided, to access information about the cover available to you.

Information for qualified instructors

Questions about how the BMC liability policies applies to qualified instructors are answered here.

We can arrange cover for your activities as a professional instructor here or please contact our team on 0121 698 8160, between 9am and 5pm and we will be happy to assist.

BMC Travel Insurance 


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